Canon Pixma MP228 Driver Download

Scarcely leaving behind an extraordinary open door for a respect, much effort has gone into the vibe of this unit as it has into the rundown of capacities. The Canon MP228 program engaging outside spreads the different removable memory inputs, while a front USB port Allows for direct printing from cutting edge cameras without a PC. Our unit Came bundled with a reward photo card pack Including photographic quality paper and envelopes. The Canon MP228 driver item is anything but difficult to use,

Support OS

  • Windows 
  • MAC OS 
  • Linux


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Windows Xp 32 bit (x86)

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Windows 8 32 bit (x86)

Windows 10 32 bit (x86)

Driver for Windows 64 bit (x64)

Windows Xp 64 bit (x64)

Windows 7 64 bit (x64)
Windows 8 64 bit (x64)

Windows 10 64 bit (x64)

Driver for MAC

MAC OS X 10.5

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MAC OS X 10.9
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Driver for Linux

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Setup Instruction

Download and Installation Procedures
1. Click the link (Click here) above, and then click save to download the file.
2. When the download is finish, double-click the download .exe file to decompress it and then the installer will start automatically

About Canon Pixma MP228

 straightforward cartridge stacking strategy and inconspicuous sticker cost of make this unit hard to go past for quality printing and checking for the little/medium office on a money related arrangement.

I'd love to give this a zero just to waste such countless of my life being flawed. Terrible quality printing and no genuine approach to greyscale when you have dim shading yet no ink left. WIFI is deceitful and the Canon MP228 freeware takes dependably to warm up. Decline thing will never again purchase this brand.
- My first dim cartridge ran out smart, may have been half full. Don't know where they get their pages each snapshot of data from, must be single word a page. Makes All These commotions on startup from rest mode and takes ages before it prints. It is unreasonably awkward.

A nice regard printer, copier and scanner. Does not do faxes and the Canon MP228 software cartridges don't continue going long. Moreover cartridges are expensive if you don't seek around; buying in mass can save you half. This printer has been valuable for our at home printing needs.

The Canon Pixma MP228 driver download needs both a modified record feeder and fax modem, and it's much slower than other ink-fly based AIOS for typical business applications like Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft PowerPoint. Its redeeming quality is that it prints photos faster than most AIOS and at bona fide photo quality.

To the degree photo printing from an AIO is concerned, Canon has you secured. In any case, printing from business applications is another story. The Canon Pixma MP228 free installer does not have an ADF and is not the best or snappiest at substance and representation. However, if you require something that prints, yields, and copies and passes on exquisite photos, this one justifies considering.

Moreover with most Canon Pixma MP228 program download, setup requires presenting a printhead and two cartridges and after that running a manual course of action timetable. The cartridges are for the most part little, so you'll have to supplant them more Often than you would with various printers. The unit has no fax modem or fax reinforce.

Execution on our business applications suite was unremarkable. The entire suite took 43 minutes 21 seconds to wrap up, the Canon Pixma MP198 the second slowest, behind the Canon Pixma MP228 software download. It furthermore situated in the Canon Pixma MP228 freeware download base third for every test in the suite that included shading which is everything aside from one test.
Canon Pixma MP228

Execution for photos was Significantly better; the Canon Pixma MP228 driver support touched base at the midpoint of 2:33 for each 4-by-6 and 5:44 for each 8-by-10. Yield quality was better for photos Also, getting a breathtaking rating, Compared with the colossal rating for substance and representation.