Lexmark MX511 Driver Download

Lexmark MX511 Driver Download - The TopShot scanner requests more consideration than we ordinarily give scanners on MFPs, on the Printer Mx511 program grounds that it's so not the same as what you're most likely used to. The scanner comprises of a white stage, in addition to a camera (in spite of the fact that it doesn't look much like one) alongside lights for blaze photography. Both the Printer Mx511 driver camera and the lights are toward the end of a portable arm. The stage regularly sits on top of the printer over the yield plate, however lifts off effortlessly in the event that you require it to. The scanner arm folds down so it can lie level against the Printer Mx511 freeware stage when you're not utilizing it.

To sweep, you pivot the arm up, so it's over the Printer Mx511 software stage, much like the archive camera it fundamentally is. You then put whatever you need to examine or duplicate on the stage and give the suitable charge. The camera takes six shots as indicated by HP: three with glimmer from distinctive edges and three with encompassing light. The Lexmark MX510  then coordinates the pictures to dispose of shadows and glare. On the Printer Lexmark Mx511 driver download off chance that you gave a duplicate charge, it then prints the picture. In the event that you gave it an output summon, it regards the download driver Printer Lexmark Mx511 photograph as checked information, sending it to a record on your PC or to your PC's email program, opening another message and including the document as an email connection.

I attempted the scanner with both 3D objects and run of the mill paper records. The outcomes with 3D articles were spectacular contrasted and conventional scanners, yet not in the Printer Lexmark Mx511 program download same class as I'd anticipate from utilizing a camera. In sweeps of a dark, gleaming handheld scanner, for instance, a few ranges swung to blue, potentially from an impression of something in the three pictures brought with encompassing light. Indeed, even along these lines, in case you're not an expert photographic artist, and don't have a proper setup for taking item pictures, the Printer Lexmark Mx511 software download outcomes may superior to anything what you can get from taking a photograph.

For checking sheets of paper, the scanner is restricted, best case scenario. In all actuality, it's simpler to put every sheet down on the download software Printer Lexmark Mx511 stage instead of position a page on a standard flatbed under a top, yet it sets aside a moderately long time to snap every page. Additionally, in light of the fact that there's nothing holding the page level, any inclination for the paper to twist will get interpreted into a mutilation in the picture. One sweep of a photograph, for instance, had bended edges, in light of the Printer Lexmark Mx511 freeware download fact that the paper nestled into the stage.

Eventually, the Printer Lexmark Mx511 driver for windows is something of a corner item, with the TopShot scanner the most convincing contention both for and against it. In the Printer Lexmark Mx511 free installer event that you don't have to sweep 3D questions, the constraints for examining reports abandon you with no motivation to think of it as.
Lexmark MX511

Program Properties

System Requirement

Driver Software requirement:

  • Connection
  • Target OS to Install, like
    • Windows Xp 
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8.1

How To get the Driver :

  1. Recognize your operating system
  2. Check your OS driver support at Download Link below.
  3. Click  the link "Click Here" behind your OS description, then the download will start automatically
  4. wait until your driver download is complete


  • For Operating System x86 

Support OS
Mac OS Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.10

Windows Xp 32 bit

Windows 7 32 bit
Windows 8 32 bit

  • For Operating System x64 

Windows Xp 64 bit

Windows 7 64 bit
Windows 8 64 bit

Setup instruction

  1. Open the folder  
  2. Double Click at your driver file
  3. Then click next, and follow the instruction
  4. Finish